Canon CN7x17 KAS @ NAB 2014

A long anticipated release here at NAB is the Canon ENG-style cinema lens.  A light design at only 3kgs, and available in either the EF or PL mount, this versatile lens can be used with a variety of HotCam’s cameras, from the Sony F55 to the Canon C300.


The first real competition to the Fujinon Cabrio lenses that we have seen so far, the Canon CN lens fills a gap in the market, providing a reasonably priced lens, that like the HJ14 and HJ22, is designed to be rugged and weatherproof. Unlike traditional primes, which need to be changed for each shot, this lens is ideally suited to what the Americans call ‘running and gunning’ shooting, so we think this will be a real game changer for those in the reality business who want to bring that popular cinematic look to the screen. Canon acknowledge that this aspect of the industry have a different requirement to  change zoom, focus and iris than traditional film makers, hence the development of this servo driven lens.



  • 4K ready, high optical performance with support for Super35mm large format cameras

  • 11 blade iris to provide natural bokeh

  • 7x zoom magnification

  • 17mm to 120mm

  • 180 degree full rotating focus ring

  • Zoom speed can be set from a fast 0.5 to a gradual 300 seconds

  • LCD display for access to unique digital functions