Zeiss @ NAB 2014

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Zeiss are not known for making monitors (or glasses!) however they have clearly seen a gap in the market by designing a set of glasses that you can wear which house 2 OLED monitors. Driven by HDMI signals, these glasses give an OLED picture that sit only a few inches away from your eye giving you a very nice picture and can also be set up for 3D pictures. We can't help but wonder why on earth you would need them though...? Maybe useful in outdoor high light situations where you can't see a monitor display properly, however a towel thrown over the monitor would work just as well!!! It's a nice gimic though...

Zoom grip

Going back to what they are good at, Zeiss had a prototype zoom demand for their popular CZ.2 range of zoom lenses. This concept 'bolt-on' demand is compatible with the 3 zoom CZ.2 range of lenses that they currently make. It's only an idea at the moment however if made, will compete with the Fuji Cabrio and Canon CN7 lenses.