Audio Ltd 2040 Kit


The Audio Ltd 2040s are the most popular ENG radio mics in the UK. HotCam stock either the standard or mini transmitters that both feature a unique infrared interface that allows the transmitter to be controlled remotely. The sound recordist can use the Control-X device to switch the transmitter On/Off. The device displays the frequency on which the TX2040 is operating, enabling the sound engineer to identify the particular transmitter, even when it can’t be seen. The remote control features can also be operated by the SwitchiR control system.

Each kit comes with an RX, TX and full DPA mic kit including mounts, stickies and clips.


Technical specifications: 
Frequency Range
606-630MHz (CH38-40)
Number of frequencies
32 pre-programmed
Switching range
up to 24MHz
System frequency response
50Hz to 18kHz ±1dB
Microphone Connector
6-pin Lemo / 4-Pin Lemo