Audio Ltd RFDA

Audio Ltd RFDA

Designed for field and film use the RF DA is a compact, active distribution amplifier for antenna and DC of UHF wireless. The HotCam units are customised to reach a bandwidth of 300 MHz (500-800 MHz) with very good RF filtering above 800 MHz and below 500 MHz to reduce the risk of interference There are two SMA antenna inputs on the top panel. Each antenna input feeds 4 x SMA outputs. Each output has a gain of approx. 2-3 dB. Switchable 8V DC supply for Audio's Masthead Amplifier. The unit also has a Hirose 4-pin DC Input and 4 Hirose 4-pin DC sockets to power radio mic receivers and mixers.

The RF DA is externally powered via a 4-pin Hirose socket. Auxiliary 4-pin Hirose sockets allow other equipment to be powered via the unit. DC Range is 12-18V. Also includes Switchable 8V DC supply for Masthead amplifier

Technical specifications: 
Frequency Range


RF Connector

SMA Connector

Power Supply

4-pin Hirose