EM3732 II

Sennheiser EM3732 II

The Sennhesier EK3732 rack mount receiver is a mains powered dual receiver unit. Each unit can be tuned to 2 RF frequencies, has a headphone jack for local monitoring and an IR port for fast programming of the transmitters. The unit has 2 RF antenna BNCs for any flavour of aerial, and the RF can be cascaded through multiple units for tidy cabling and quick deployment. 

Coupled up with an SK5212 personal mic or an SKM5200 handheld mic - these units are extremely reliable even in the toughest of environments.

The HotCam units are supplied with AD3700 paddles and low loss cables. 

Technical specifications: 
Frequency Range
606 - 790Mhz (CH38 - 60)
RF Connector
Power Supply
Sennheiser EM3732