SK2000 Radio Mic

SK2000 Radio Mic

The Sennheiser 2000 Series is a fantastic Radio mic Kit. Complete with mounting clip this radio mic can be mounted to most camcorders on the hotshoe. The 2000 series has a huge frequency range meaning that you should be able to find a free frequency where ever you are (subject to the correct Ofcom RF license).


The hire of this radio mic gives you the use of the HotCam radio mic license (606-614Mhz). Anything out of this range will need to be booked through our bookings department or directly through Ofcom.

Technical specifications: 
Frequency Range
606 - 678Mhz (CH38 - 46)
RF Connector
Fixed Antenna
Power Supply
4 x AAs (2 TX, 2 RX)
Microphone Connector
3-Pin Lemo
Sennheiser SK2000 Radio Mic