Panasonic AW-HE60SE

AW-HE60SE PTZ Camera

The HE60 Hothead is a small Pan/Tilt camera that can be remotely controlled and recorded. Offering full iris, focus and zoom control, this HD camera is quiet and discrete. The HE60 also offers night vision, so when coupled up with HotCam Infra Red lighiing can give a clear 'night vision' picture in a completely pitch black environment.

HotCam offers a full range of mounting options for either an install or temporary shoot as well as a full record and engineered system. These cameras are indoor use only and can be installed as stand-alone (desktop - see picture) or suspended (Hanging).

Technical specifications: 

1/3in type Full-HD MOS


18 x Zoom F1.6 to F2.8. 35mm equivalent = 36.9mm to 664.5mm


160 x 178 x 166mm (Excluding mounting brackets)


1.5Kgs (Excluding Mounting brackets)

Pan Range

175 degrees

Tilt Range

90 to -30 degrees