HDx35 MkII UMS Adapter

HDx35 MkII

The IBE HDx35 Mark II is an optical adaptor designed for mounting B4 mount lenses onto cine style mounts. The HDx35 was designed to give cinematographers the option of using standard B4 mount lenses (such as the popular HJ22, HJ14, HJ40 or even XJ86!) onto cine style cameras such as the C300, F55 or Amira. A hugely popular adaptor, the HotCam kit comes complete with 2 powering cables so that the lenses can be controlled with zoom or focus demands as though they were mounted to an ENG camera. The adaptor gives a magnification of 2.6 so that the lens can cover the whole of the 35mm sensor (See below for lens ranges), and also drops the speed of the lens you are using by 2.5 stops.

More recently this adaptor, with the addition of a B4 mount lens, has been used as a cheaper alternative to cine style lenses such as the Zeiss CZ.2 on the F55. In short this adaptor will give you the flexibility of a servo ENG zoom lens, with the 35mm sensor look.

Technical specifications: 


Lens length compatibility

When using the HDx35 the lenses will become:
HJ14 - 11.2mm x 156mm
HJ22 - 19.8mm x 436.8mm
HJ40 - 26mm x 1040mm
XJ86 - 24.18mm x 2080mm