28mm Boom Arm

28mm Boom Arm

Ever wanted to rig a light, but the stand is in shot? If so then the 28mm boom arm is the thing for you! It's used in addition to a lighting stand, to add reach to a light source so you can leave the stand out of shot and use the boom arm to position the light. With a 28mm receiver and a sturdy 16mm stud most lights can be rigged off a boom arm except those that are very heavy (over 10kgs).

You will need a lighting stand with a 28mm receiver to rig a boom arm.

HotCam recommend the following with a Boom arm:

Stand - LA.1005.B

Technical specifications: 
Spigot Type

28mm receiver, 16mm stud

Rigging spigot

28mm stud

Shortest reach


Maximum reach