Dedo 150w Light

Dedo 150w Light

The Dedo DLH4 150w light is a small profile light. With its integrated dimmer control and adjustable lens, this light is a great all rounder when space is a premium. The connection between the dimmer and the head is 3-pin XLR, which means if you need to extend the distance between the two in an emergency then a standard XLR can be used (although not recommended). Dedo 3-pin extenders are available if required.

This light can be hired on it's own, as well as coming with the HotCam Documentary Lighting Kit and also as part of a 4-head kit.


Technical specifications: 
Focus Angle

48° - 4.5°

Max Wattage

100W (12V),150W (24V)


16mm receiver


13A Mains Plug