Dedolight 5ft Octodome Kit

Including two light heads as well as a 5' soft box, Hotcam's PanAura Octodome 5 Daylight/Tungsten and Tungsten Light Kit bundles a host of items for creating two-light setups in mixed lighting conditions. One DLH400S 400W HMI Soft Light is included; along with a dedicated 90-260 VAC flicker-free electronic ballast and daylight-balanced lamp, as well as a DLH1000SPLUS 1000W Soft Light with a halogen lamp.

The kit also sees the inclusion of the unique PanAura 5' Octodome; a large, shallow softbox that produces a distinct wrap-around quality of light and can be used with either head.





Technical specifications: 
DLH400S Output

400 - 575W

DLH400S Weight

1.6 kg

DLH1000SPLUS Output

1000W Maximum

DLH1000SPLUS Weight

1.2 kg