Litepanels Ringlite


Available in Daylight or Tungsten, each kit comes with the corresponding CTO or CTB filters giving the operator the flexability to set the colour temperature of the ringlite.

Measuring under 30cm in diameter, just 2" thick, and weighing approximately 3.5 lbs., Ringlite Mini provides a luminous soft, directional output in a cost-effective, versatile package. This ultra-low profile, lightweight professional lighting tool is equally at home on or off camera, mounted on a stand, the wall, or elsewhere. The Ringlite Mini offers luminous, soft, directional lighting with the same warmth and great color characteristics that make Litepanels an integral part of television, broadcast news, motion picture and still photo shoots worldwide.  

Technical specifications: 
Outer/Inner Diameter
298mm / 122mm
2" thick
Power Draw
40 Watts/3.5 amps @ 12VDC
Power Supply
12-30V, AC Adapter 100-240V