Vocas MB-430 Matte Box


The Vocas MB-430 Matte box is for use with any super 35mm sensor camera such as the PXW-FS7, PMW-F55, Amira or C300. The Vocas matte box kit comes with 2 filter trays, drawstring & neoprene bellows, top flag, 2 side flags and internal built eyebrows as well as a selection of the most popular PV size (4x5.65mm) filters including:

Clear, Blue 2 SE Grad, Coral 2 SE Grad, Polariser, 1/4 Black Promist, 1/4 - 1/2 - 1 White Promist, 0.6 SE ND, 0.9 SE ND. Other filters are available - please call Hotcam for more information.

This kit also comes with an optional swing away bracket.

Technical specifications: 
Spinning trays


Standard Filter trays

Two. It fits PV size 4x5.65mm

Max filter size

5x5 (with additional tray)

Vocas MB-430