Transvideo Starlite RF Monitor

The Transvideo Starlite RF is a compact, lightweight, wireless monitor system. The 5" monitor has an inbuilt receiver & antenna which operates on the 5.8Ghz ISM band, giving 200ft of range. This can be powered with an NP-F style battery on the back for portability, or via Lemo cable if batteries are not suitable. While the system is designed to be used wirelessly, the monitor can be hardwired using a DIN-BNC cable included with the kit. The wireless video connectivity incorporated is without latency, with low loss and with no delay. 

Free of cables, lightweight and with all the reliability, accuracy and fine engineering that Transvideo build into their products, it is the perfect choice for directors, assistant directors, focus pullers and DOPs.These monitors offer a superb and practical display with many analytical features as well as inbuilt recording and playback facilities for H.264 rushes on SD cards. Its compact form factor makes it ideal for weight and size-critical shooting situations.

Technical specifications: 

200ft (61m)

Monitor Power

Sony NP-F Battery or Lemo2

Supported Standards


Screen Size


Screen Resolution

1280 x 720

Screen Type


Screen Brightness

380 Nits

Frequency Band

5.8Ghz ISM

Transvideo Starlite RF