Telecast Copperhead

Telecast Copperhead

The Telecast copperhead is a fantastic fibre optic link that slots on the back of any V-lock mounted camera (such as the PDW-F800 or PMW-F55). The vast number of inputs and outputs means that fibre optic connectivity is now available on standard ENG cameras. This unit adds a huge amount of flexibility to your camcorder as well as cutting down on cables looms. The TX slots on the rear of a camera, you connect your required connections including: SDI's, Timecode, Audio, data, GPIs and comms, and then link the unit to the RX with 1 fibre optic cable. The base station then spits out all the connections back at your vision base. The unit can also be used for extending any standard broadcast signals, even if you don't require the use on a camera.

HotCam stock both the 3200 and the 3400. (3400 has 2 SDI sends from the camera to base). The camera unit has a standard Neutrik DUO connector and the bases are either DUO or ST connections.


Technical specifications: 

ST OR Neutrik DUO