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COVID-19 policy

Our updated COVID-19 policy and new working practices protocol documentation can be found here.

Client Application Checklist

Insurance documentation to verify and approve PRIOR to hired equipment or crew being released

Equipment Hire proof in the form of a valid Certificate of Insurance (CoI) or Verification of Insurance (VoI) & Insurance Policy Schedules in the name of the Hiring Company or Sole Trader; confirming cover is in place for the replacement value of Hired in Equipment for the dates of hire; including transit

Crew or Independent Contractor Hire proof in the form of a valid CoI or VoI and Insurance Policy Schedules confirming Employers Liability plus Public Liability

Proof of Identity

Photographic ID copy of hirer’s driving licence or passport

Additional Forms of ID x 2 to include full name & address. For example; credit card or utility bills for the same address (not more than 3 months old). Please note for Sole Traders, passports are not sufficient because they do not confirm your address information 

Payment Terms

New UK Clients 100% Up-front payment via BACS

International Clients 100% Up-front payment of equipment and crew via BACS

Proof of Payment  Remittance of payment notice emailed to and PRIOR to equipment being released

Crew & Independent Contractors We ask our clients to work with us to process prompt payment of crew and Independent Contractors and for this reason, we hope you will understand that we may deem it necessary to request 100% up-front payment on crewing jobs that we are asked to facilitate. If overtime (OT) is incurred, this information is submitted for client approval after the shoot has completed and invoiced separately

Credit Terms for UK clients may be established after a minimum of 3 completed hires and a satisfactory hire & prompt payment history

Terms & Conditions to be reviewed, agreed and accepted


Hotcam requires a copy of all client’s Hired-In Equipment Insurance. If you need to arrange cover, we recommend Tysers please follow this link for their contact details