De-Rig, Fly-Away & Specialist Systems


With traditional studio space becoming a premium in the UK, de-rig or fly-away solutions provide an excellent cost effective option.

However, not all de-rigs are the same, and that is where Hotcam can help.

Hotcam are experts in building systems to allow you to create a studio in just about any location or venue in the world. Our recent system builds include a 13 camera touring setup for one of the UKs largest LE shows,  a full production gallery and hothead system built into a coach, a small setup in a  London bar, and multi-camera fly-away systems on beaches in Thailand and Bali.

We recognise that every show is different, and so there is nothing standard about a Hotcam system.

We’ll work closely with you, tailoring a perfect solution for your production, that’s easy to transport, quick to rig, and efficient. You won’t transport or pay for equipment you don’t need just because it ‘comes as standard’.

We also recognise that you want to keep the flexibility, comfort and reliability of the studio environment.

You’ll get a system that has ‘studio like’ facilities and production values, well-engineered broadcast quality equipment, and flexibility throughout. Cramped trucks and fixed, separate locations for engineers and the lighting director are a thing of the past!

Single camera, multi-camera, hothead, VT, live, mobile, long term, vision-mixed, ISOs, LE, Drama, Reality, Corporate, Factual, Online, a mixture of fixed and PSC production? It’s all possible and there are no limits.

And it doesn’t end there. Our expertise in project management and crewing means we can truly provide a full service from one phonecall.

If you’re looking for the highest quality, speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness, and would like to know more then please get in touch.