Sound Devices 788T recorder


The Sound Devices 788T is an eight input, twelve-track digital audio recorders designed for production sound. Its eight pristine analogue inputs accept microphone or line-level signals, provide 48V phantom power, offer peak limiters for microphone signals, and adjustable high-pass filters. Also accommodates eight channels of balanced AES3 digital input and six channels of balanced analog line-level and AES3 digital output. Support for AES42 digital microphones is also available. Records to an internal hard drive or CompactFlash cards. The 788 Kit comes with a CL-8 mixing control surface as well as HD-25 headphones and a selection useful in/out cables. 

Hotcam also stock the CL-9 console for those who'd prefer a more 'studio' based control surface.


Technical specifications: 
Sampling Frequency

Internal: 32, 44.1, 47.952, 48, 48.048, 88.2, 96, 96.096. External clocking: 32–96.096 kHz via word clock or digital inputs

Internal Data Path and Processing

32 bit, 192 dB dynamic range

Recording format

WAV (AES-31 format), mono or polyphonic, at supported Fs, 24-bit or 16-bit

Digital Storage

Internal hard drive SATA interface 2.5-in hard drive 4200–7200 RPM supported, solid-state drive (SSD) support, FAT32 formatted, up to 2 TB addressable

Recording media

CompactFlash CF type I, II, and + (microdrive) compatible, UDMA (300x) compatible, FAT32 formatted, up to 2 TB addressable