SQN 5S Mixer


Broadcast quality stereo portable mixer with five full mic-powering input channels and twin camera drive. Features include transformerless input and output amplifiers for reduced weight and uninhibited bass, virtually unbreakable analogue level meters, four channels of pre-fade listening, slating microphone, superb limiter, output feed for all five microphone channels and logic processing of most switching.  

Technical specifications: 
Mixer Inputs
Five transformerless balanced inputs using XLR-3 type female connectors
78dBu for nominal line level (PPM4, 0VU) with the channel gain at maximum and the master gain at 0dB
Noise figure
130dBu (A weighted) from a 200 Ohm source
Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz +0, -1dB, referred to 1kHz