Canon 5D Mkiii

Canon 5D

The Canon 5D Mark III is the most popular Canon stills camera to enter the cine world of 35mm sensors. With its super 35mm sensor, and 'Technicolor cine style' profile pre-loaded, the 5D mark 3 gives a cine look to your rushes, with flexibility when it comes to grading the footage. The 5D is the only tool when shooting either a time lapse or hyper lapse using the supplied intervalometre.

Recording at under 50Mb/s the footage shot with the Canon 5D is only considered as SD in the eyes of the BBC unless special permissions are obtained.

If you plan to use the Canon 5D in a multi-cam set-up you will need to consider how the time-codes sync. The 5D does not have a timecode input so we recommend a digi slate, so the camera can be re-sync'd in post.

Technical specifications: 
Recording media

Compact Flash Card


Super 35mm

Lens Mount