Clearcom HBP2X Beltpack


The HBP-2X is a full-duplex 2-channel digital partyline beltpack that can carry power and audio over a single cable. Each beltpack has the ability to select up to two of the available channels and program feeds on the system, each with individual control. The HBP-2X can be set up in daisy-chain or star configurations without the need for active splitter boxes.

Intuitive Operations

Like the HMS-4X main station, the HBP-2X has high-resolution, 10-character OLED display labels for each channel. The brightness level of the OLED screen, Talk and Call buttons can be controlled from the beltpack. Because there is a separate program level control, the OLED screen will show the level adjustment and then revert back to the standard 2-channel screen.

The HBP-2X's menu screen allows users to independently select among and change channel assignments as necessary, from any position on the intercom line. The beltpack's menu also displays the existing firmware version and volume level. The HBP-2X also has a micro-USB connector to enable individual firmware updates.

Efficient Design

The HBP-2X buttons and volume knobs are optimally positioned to easily locate, identify and control. Made from lightweight cast aluminum alloy, the HBP-2X is built to withstand rugged environments. Three mounting options are available for the HBP-2X: sturdy beltclip, rubber feet for tabletop surface placement and an integrated strap guide for various mounting options.