CTP FW6000XL 6 X 4 Wire Comms Panel


The FW6000XL is a 1U 6 X 4 wire key panel with an additional four IFB interrupt inputs which may be delegated to any or all of the unit's four wire outputs.

Other features include...

  • Six inputs, six outputs.
  • Keys up to latch, down for momentary.
  • Rear panel key latch disable.
  • Audio present LEDS on each channel.
  • Talk LED indication.
  • Separate mic amps with adjustable gain for headset and stalk mic.
  • Speaker / stalkmic / headset select switching.
  • Four wire inputs may be switched to operate as IFB interrupt feeds. DIP switches to enable IFB monitoring.
  • Hot line level microphone output.
  • Aux d9 for footswitch operation of all channels
  • Headphone socket suitable for both A and B gauge jacks.
  • Transformers on all inputs and outputs.