Canon CN7x17 Cine Zoom Lens

Canon CN7x17 KAS S

Canons CN7x17 lens offers stunning 4k optical performance with a 17-120mm focal length. Built as an ENG style cine lens with built in zoom servo and hand grip, the CN7x17 is the perfect companion to any PL mount camera that you'd like to operate on the shoulder in a 'reality' or 'actuality' set-up. This lens is perfectly suited to the PMW-F55 and the Arri Amira. It comes complete with zoom and focus demands.

Technical specifications: 
Lens Mount


Front Diameter


Focal Length

17 - 120mm

Minimum Focus Distance

2.8' / 0.85 m

Max Lens Coverage

Super 35mm/APS-C

Aperture Range

f2.95 at 17 - 91mm, 3.9 at 120mm