Canon HJ22x7.6B Lens

HJ22 x7-6

The Canon HJ22 x7.6 BIRSE is a compact high definition lens that is low-weight and highly mobile. Although suitable for various scenarios this 2/3" video lens is lighter than some models, making it ideal for ENG work. It has a focal length of 7.6-168mm (22x zoom) with a minimum zoom of 2.8' (0.85 m) and comes with a 2x built-in extender and servo/manual zooom.

Technical specifications: 
Camera Format
2/3" CCD, 16:9/4:3 (Bayonet)
Focal Length
Zoom Range
2 x
Maximum Relative Aperture
1:1.8 (7.6-114.1mm) 1: 2.65 (168mm)