Canon XJ86x9.3B Box Lens


The Canon XJ86x9.3B is a box lens used to get the closest close up. This lens is ideal when you can't get close to the action and you need to. With a staggering x86 zoom (9.3mm wide - 800mm long) the XJ86 can offer you a standard lens wide shoot then zoom in smoothly (and incredibly fast when required) to a big close up. The XJ86 has adjustable horizontal and vertical stabilisation which is critical when zooming in so far. The lens also offers a built-in 2x extender for when you really need to get tight! Using the HDx35 adaptor you can mount this lens (or rather mount the camera to the lens) to an F55 or Alexa.


Technical specifications: 
Focal Length
26.8kg (59.3lbs)
Minimum Object Distance
Zoom Ratio
Maximum Relative Aperture
1:1.7 at 9.3-340mm; 1:4.0 at 800mm