Zeiss CP2 Prime Lens Set

Zeiss CP2 Lens Kit

The Zeiss CP2 lenses offer the perfect combination of high image quality and reliable usability. They exhibit the clean, crisp characteristics Zeiss is known for, also providing a full-frame coverage. The lens mounts can be interchanged, allowing the lenses to be used in either EF or PL configurations. 

Our CP2 kits consist of 5 lenses, of which 3 are the super speed variants:

18mm T3.6

25mm T2.9

35mm T1.5

50mm T1.5

85mm T1.5

We also stock the 15mm T2.9 for even wider coverage. 

Please note that we will need to know what lens mount is required prior to rental in order for our technicians to arrange. 

Technical specifications: 


Front Diameter

18mm, 25mm, 35mm. 85mm -114mm
50mm - 134mm

Focal Length


Minimum Focal Distance

18mm - 0.3m
25mm - 0.17m

35mm - 0.3m

50mm - 0.45m

85mm - 1m

(From Film Plane)

Max Lens Coverage

Full Frame

Aperture Range

18mm - T3.6 - T22
25mm - T2.9 - T22
35mm - T2.1 - T22
50mm - T2.1 - T22
85mm - T2.1 - T22


18mm - 0.9kg
25mm - 0.9kg
35mm - 1kg
50mm - 0.9kg
85mm - 0.9kg