Zeiss CZ.2 70-200mm Lens

EF 70-200mm Zoom

The Zeiss CZ.2 70-200mm is a lightweight cine-style zoom lens designed for high end cameras and comprises all the features of a cine-style lens. The CZ.2 is perfectly colour matched to the Zeiss CP.2 Prime lenses, meaning there is no colour change when swapping between the zoom and primes in the same scene. Available with either a PL or EF mount (Specify on ordering), this lens will fully cover a super 35mm sensor.

Why chose a cine zoom lens over a photo zoom lens?

Extra-long focus throw, constant T-stop of 2.9 across the entire zoom range and easy-to-read markings. But the main difference to a regular photo zoom lens is a phenomenon called “focus shift”. When zooming in on an object with a photo zoom (like the Canon L Series lenses) you always have to adjust focus. As soon as you change the image frame the position of the sharp plane of focus changes as well. In still photography this is not a problem but in motion picture it is a big issue because your details might be out of focus and your scene is ruined.


Technical specifications: 


Front Diameter


Focal Length


Minimum Focal Distance


Max Lens Coverage

Full Frame

Aperture Range

T2.9 - T22