Transvideo RF Monitor System

Transvideo RF Monitor System

The Transvideo wireless system is one of the most reliable analogue wireless systems on the market. The monitor is very robust and operationally it is very easy to use. Integrating a built-in Titan Rx Receiver, it can be quickly switched between 10 channels. In addition, an external signal can also be wired to the monitor. The lightweight transmitter is mounted to the camera and fed by a composite input. The HotCam kit comes with 2 Hawk-wood VL-100 batteries which will last all day, and also a D-Tap and hirose power cable to power the TX from most standard camera power outputs.

HotCam recommends:

If an HD signal is what you require then try the Teredek or Camwave system.

Technical specifications: 
Input Signal

SD Composite NTSC, PAL & SECAM

Wireless Frequency Band



A-2412.5 MHz , B-2427.5 MHz, C-2442.5 MHz, D-2457.5 MHz

Transmit Power