Sennheiser SK2000 Radio Mic Kit

SK2000 Radio Mic

The Sennheiser 2000 Series is a fantastic Radio mic Kit. Complete with mounting clip this radio mic can be mounted to most camcorders on the hotshoe. The 2000 series has a wide frequency range 0f 606-679 MHz meaning that you should be able to find a free frequency where ever you are in the UK (subject to the correct Ofcom RF license).


The hire of this radio mic gives you the use of our channel 38 radio mic license (606.5-613.5 MHz). Anything out of this range will need to be booked through our bookings department or directly through Ofcom. If you have a large scale project with multiple rf frequencies being needed pleae get in touch as our expert staff are able to help book and calculate frequencies for you.

Technical specifications: 
Frequency Range

606 - 678MHz

Power Supply

4 x AAs (2 TX, 2 RX)

Microphone Connector

3-Pin Lemo

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