HotCam Grips Box

The Hotcam Grips Box comes included with the Hotcam documentary lighting kit, but can also be hired as a seperate item on its own. 

The Kit includes:

1 x Magic Arm

2 x K-Clamps

1 x Knuckle

1 x 16mm Turtle

20 x Croc Clips

2 x Straight Spigots

1 x Threaded Spigots

2 x Safety Bonds

1 x 10m BNC

1 x RCD

1 x 13a 1m Extension

1 x 13a 5m Extension

1 x 13a 10m Extension

1 x RCD

10m BNC

1 x Roll of 2" black gaffa

1 x Roll of 1" white gaffa


Set of tools

Complete set of spare bubbles for Documentary lighting Kit

Technical specifications: 
Spigot Size