Audio Ltd 2040 6-way RX Rack


Suitable for mounting up to 6 receivers the RK6 receiver rack is designed to work with a Hotcam 2040 radio mic kit. You simply slot the RX into the unit which then not only mains powers the receivers, but also integrates its own aerials. Programming is done via the IR controllers (included with each kit) and a sleek built-in OLED display shows RF level, audio level, TX battery status and headphone monitoring and receivers are configured using a simple menu system on the same panel. All transmitters can be synchronised direct from the front panel using infra-red. The kit comes with both di-pole and Yagi aerials.


Technical specifications: 
Frequency Range

606-630MHz (CH38-40)

Number of diversity receivers

Up to 6

Active distribution amplifier bandwidth



10 – 18 Volts DC via 4 pin XLR male socket


13A Mains Plug