Wisycom MCR42 RX

Wisycom MCR42 Dual Battery Receiver

The Wisycom MCR42 receivers are dual receivers that either fit in your sound bag or can be camera mounted. The HotCam units have TA5 connectors at the top and two TA3 connectors on the base, giving the operator multiple audio outputs for whichever set-up they prefer. Additionally the units have an on-board battery pack for powering from AA's or they can be powered from the hirose connector on the base.

The units can also be configured to slide in to the rear of the Sony PDW-F800 - although only 1 channel can be accessed through the camera - the on-board TA5 gives the operator use of both channels.

The units come completely preprogrammed for maximum radio mic receiving capability and can also be re-configured manually on location if required. If multiple units are required then we'd recommend an RFDA unit to make the RF handling neater.

Technical specifications: 
RF Connector
Screw-In Antenna
Power Supply
5 x AA Battery
Frequency Range
566 - 798Mhz (CH36 - 61)
Wisycom MCR42